Over the years Peter Stefanson's reputation has steadily grown. His fan base has expanded accordingly and now he would like to share with you some of the comments from people around the world and what they have to say about Peter Stefanson and the mastery of music he delivers.

Marie & John (Maitland NSW Australia)

thankyou for your quick reply and for gig guilde it was very nice to meet you to and we will try to get to many of your events. you have a magnificent voice and I was listening to your cd today going to work and enjoyed them both.

Ginny & Jim (Pennsylvania USA)

Hi! We just listened to some of your singing on your cds on youtube. You are quite talented! All the best!

Anne-Marie Boland (North Coast NSW Australia)

Just dropping in to say a big congratulations on getting your album finished. You have a beautiful voice and you sing with feeling and one of your songs nearly made me cry, which means you really sing from the heart which not all vocalists do. Me thinks you are one talented guy and I so hope your music gets out there for all to enjoy. Thank you for the priviliege of listening to it and I will be definataly going to purchase it your album. I have taken the liberty of sharing your music from Youtube on my wall and hope it promotes you that little bit extra. We really must set up that coffee one day...lol. I love your original songs.

Nikki Ruiz (Jango Radio - Puerto Rico)

Sorry for the Late reply but i just wanted to say you’re very welcome and that I just recently went and bought your album and let me tell you that your song album it is fantastic love all of the song's, you earned a fan with your incredible music so i hope to hear more of your lovely work in the future and I’m just very Glad and pleased I bought your album, your a great artist keep moving up with your beautiful music and Glad you could take your time to answer me back


Under the spotlight this month is 'Time is a Mirror'. Recorded in the US in 2015 it has made quite an impact internationally.

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